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Discover a warm and welcoming haven of peace and tranquility in the beautiful city of Kingston, Ontario.

Most recently voted Kingston’s best spa – winning the Top Choice Spa Award – this is not just any spa experience… This is the Symphony Spa Experience.

Our award-winning spa with a yoga studio, hair salon and fresh smoothie and raw juice bar will indulge the senses, promote relaxation and soothe the mind. Tantalize your taste buds with fresh wraps or our British-Inspired Afternoon Tea. Invigorate luscious locks in the Symphony Hair Studio with our professional hair stylists. Plus, enjoy our warm infrared yoga classes to gently warm aching muscles, and promote peace and relaxation.

We also offer an extensive range of spa packages and gift cards, so that you can spoil someone special with a Symphony of Wellness.

Symphony Massage and Body Treatments

Let yourself be swept away on a Symphony signature massage journey. Thoughtfully created for pure relaxation… your wellness journey starts here…

  • Couple's massage with a glass of bubbly $220

    Relax side by side with someone special as your spa therapists soothe your muscles, melting away the tension and stress. A truly wonderful relaxation experience made extra special by sharing it together.

  • Symphony Massage Lifestyle Membership $69/month

    On a 6 month term. Live better, Feel better, work better and live your best life always, no matter what life throws at you, with our Symphony Lifestyle Massage Membership.

  • Symphony Signature Massage 60 mins $95
  • Symphony Massage 30 mins $60
  • European Hot Stone Massage 90 mins $158
  • European Hot Stone Massage 60 min $115
  • Reiki Treatment 60 mins $110
  • Therapeutic Stream Embrace $35
  • Couples Massage 60 min $95 per person
  • Deep Pressure Massage 60 min $95
  • Buttermilk Body Wrap 60 min $120
  • Cleopatra Body Wrap 60 min $120
  • European Rose Body Wrap 60 min $120
  • Moor Mud Body Wrap 60 min $120
  • Body Scrub Ritual 60 min $120
  • Microinfusion Back Treatment $165


Our expert estheticians begin each session with a thorough consultation to understand your skin concerns. Then you will unwind in a candlelit treatment room and your facial will begin. Our facials incorporate the highest quality skin care skincare  that nourishes, rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin, leaving it supple, refreshed and glowing with vitality. 

  • Intensive Facial (1 hour) $145

    Your skincare specialist begins with a thorough skin analysis to expertly treat your individual skin care needs. Your skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated and treated with skin specific technologies that helps soften the debris in the skin prior to extractions. Face and neck is strategically massaged and nourished to flush away toxins to stimulate lymphatic drainage and relax the muscles. A tailored mask is then applied to the skin before a scalp massage takes you to relaxation bliss. Perfect for those looking for a deep cleansing, skin nourishing, relaxing facial.

  • Micro Infusion Facial (75 minutes) $165

    Our most popular facial, the Microinfusion facial is deep cleansing and offers deep exfoliation using diamond microdermabrasion and an AHA skin peel to reveal smooth, soft skin. The skin is infused with multivitamins or collagen using microcurrent technology to penetrate ingredients into deeper layers of the skin. The face, neck and head are expertly massaged before a personalized mask is applied to meet your specific skin needs. Perfect for those looking for a deep exfoliation that helps with fine lines, acne and looking for glowing results.

  • Pro Collagen Lift & Sculpt (75 minutes) $225

    This non-surgical anti-aging face lift uses 5 electrotherapy technologies that increases the skin's collagen and fibroblast production to tighten the skin. Advanced microcurrent technology stimulates to tighten the neck and facial muscles and strengthen the bone density of the facial structure. Skin is deeply exfoliated and nourished with a professional Doctor Babor face mask. Perfect for those looking to tighten and plump aging skin.

  • Acne Facial (75 minutes) $145

    A deep cleansing facial specifically for acne prone or problem skin, uses technology to soften and extract blocked pores. Followed by antibacterial blue light therapy to kill bacteria and calm inflamed skin. Professional mask is then used to draw out impurities and excess oil while healing and nourishing the top layers of the skin. Perfect for those with acneic skin, blocked pores (whitehead and/or blackheads) or prone to these skin conditions.

  • Micro-needling Facial (75 minutes) $200

    Microneedling encourages collagen production using tiny, sterilized needles. It helps smooth, firm and tone skin and improve the appearance of scars, acne and wrinkles. Perfect for minimizing acne scars on the face and shoulders and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Back Facial (45 minutes) $99

    Deep cleansing and exfoliating back facial to reach those hard to reach areas. Our skilled estheticians will extract blocked pores (blackheads and/or whiteheads) and soothe acne prone skin and breakouts. The back is strategically massaged to flush out toxins and ease aching muscles.

  • Symphony Refresher Facial (30 minutes) $75

    Gives the skin a refreshing cleanse, and gently exfoliates the skin before a skin nourishing mask is applied. Expert hands then massage the neck and scalp as you sink into a moment of relaxation. Perfect for those on the go, and needing a little skin boost.

Our facials are amazing on their own and results can be seen after one facial, although for maximum treatment results and best customer value, our experts recommend our series package “Buy 5, receive 1 free”

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal for all skin types. Banish your unwanted hair once and for all! book you consultation with one of our Medical estheticians, your journey to a smooth hair free body starts here…

  • Underarm $69
  • Upper Lip $69
  • Chin $69
  • Full Legs $399
  • Full Bikini $199
  • Bikini Line $109
  • Abdomen $189
  • Arms $119
  • Chest $199

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